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Warm Congratulations China Coal Group Under's Kate Robotics Drone Selected

Date: 19/12/2019   View: 134   Tags: Kate Robotics Drone
Chongqing Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy List According to the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on Further Doing a Good Job in the Submission and Verification of Farm Machinery Purchase Subsidies" (Nongbanji [2019] No. 7) and Chongqing Agricultural Mechanization Technology Extension Station "Second Batch of Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Products in 2019 、 Notice of new agricultural machinery products and plant protection unmanned aircraft purchase subsidy pilot product submission work ", Chongqing Agricultural Mechanization Technology Promotion Station launched the second batch of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy products in 2019, and after strict scrutiny, in recent days The list of subsidized products was announced. The 3WWDZ-16 plant protection drone product filed by Shandong Carter Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Coal?
Group, passed the audit and was selected as the Chongqing agricultural machinery purchase subsidy list. So far, the plant protection drones produced by Carter Robotics have been selected into the agricultural machinery purchase subsidies of Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangxi, Guangdong, and Chongqing.

3WWDZ-16 plant protection drone is a new generation product developed by Carter Robotics Company. It is equipped with a dedicated flight protection and agricultural intelligent data control platform for plant protection and a dual-water pump accurate metering spraying system. At the same time, the spraying method of the product can save 50% of pesticide use and 90% of water consumption, reduce resource costs, and has many advantages such as high operating safety factor, good control effect, accurate spraying, etc. Since the product has been put on the market The market sales are very good. At present, 3WWDZ-16 plant protection drone products have obtained the inspection qualification certificate of the National Plant Protection Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the Shandong Province Electronic Information Product Inspection Institute inspection qualification certificate, the European Union CE safety certification certificate, the extension of cloud access certification, and excellent cloud system Certificate of access, and won the first prize of the final of the 7th Jining Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in November 2019. The product has reached the industry-leading level in terms of performance and technical specifications.

In recent years, China Coal Group has actively responded to the national call, vigorously promoted intelligent manufacturing, and invested in the establishment of Shandong Carter Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd. Since the establishment of the company, it has continued to increase research investment in high-tech drones. A variety of drone products such as agricultural plant protection drones, fire drones, inspection drones, aerial drones, smoke drones, etc. The company has been selected as a member unit of the Shandong UAV Industry Alliance and China Service Robot It is a member unit of the industry alliance and has obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, a national civil unmanned aircraft operating license, and the drone airspace approved by the Air Force Jinan Base Staff Department, which has actively promoted the development of China's drone industry. effect.

After the Carter Robotics 3WWDZ-16 plant protection drone was selected into the list of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangxi, and Guangdong, it was re-selected in the Chongqing Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy List, which also proved the Carter Robotics plant protection drone products It has been more widely recognized by all sectors of the society, which has greatly enhanced our company's visibility and influence in the field of national plant protection drones. In the next step, our company will take this as an opportunity to strengthen the innovation of drone technology, accelerate the development of new drone products, and make more positive contributions to the development of the drone industry in China!

Warm Congratulations China Coal Group Under's Kate Robotics Drone Selected


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