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Hydraulic Rail Bender

Hydraulic Rail Bender Hydraulic Rail Bender




Introduction of

Hydraulic Rail Bender

Hydraulic rail bender is to serve railroad, subway, metallurgy, coal, railway turnouts transportto achieve standardization, modernization and automation needs.

Hydraulic Rail Bender

The railway

Hydraulic Rail Bender


Hydraulic Rail Bender


Hydraulic Rail Bender


Hydraulic Rail Bender


Hydraulic rail benderalso known as hydraulic bend machine, when the railway installation maintenance operations on the rail bending of a special tool. The equipment designed for laying railway lines meet mine shaft tunnel level elevation change in laying the scene of 24kg / m or less light rail vertical bending or adjustment.

Hydraulic Rail Bender


Hydraulic Rail Bender

Hydraulic Rail Bender

Hydrulic System Diagram

The hydraulic bending machine is designed by hydraulic transmission and lever principle, and the static pressure is used to realize the rail horizontal, vertical curve or straight track operation.

1.Top cover
3.Oil cylinder
4.Piston rod
5.Plunger pump
6.Unloading valve
7.Suction valve
8.Oil valve
9.Filter net
10.Deflation valve
Hydraulic Rail Bender

features of

Hydraulic Rail Bender

Track sinking amount is small. Vibration acceleration smaller than concrete sleepers line, after laying sinking speed gradually slows and stops. So greatly reduce the maintenance workload lines, hydraulic bending machine track about one-third of the line of ordinary concrete sleepers.

Track sinking
amount is small.

Track easily kept clean. Dirty easily penetrated the track bed, extending the line overhaul repair cycle.

Track easily kept

Lines smooth, stable, hydraulic bending machine track conducive to high-speed operation and laying of CWR. The disadvantage is the higher cost for shop on a busy trunk is also more difficult.

Lines smooth

Main Model of

Hydraulic Rail Bender




is suitable for 18-24 kg / m steel.Hydraulic Rail Bender applies to 30kg per meter using the following rail. is suitable for 38-50 kg / m rail, straight track its maximum capacity of 297 kilograms tonnes (56 tons and 735 kilograms force tons (75 tons force), 98 bar oil pressure hydraulic systemrated (660kg / cm 2) and 646 bar (660kg / cm), piston diameter x stroke is 16 mm x 35 mm, cylinderdiameters of 60 mm and 70 mm, piston stroke is 70 mm, handle the role of torque is 480 N.m

Parameters of

Hydraulic Rail Bender

For Rail Type 30-50
Maximum Force KN 549 Straight Track
Nominal Force KN 500 Straight Track
Piston Stroke Mm 70
Dimensions 990 × 555 × 183
Maximum Torque Curve Track 88KN.m
Cylinder Diameter 70mm Quality: 100kg
Weight 100kg

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