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Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

The latest personal protective equipment


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Don't let your body be a filter!

Oil production, chemical production, mining, metallurgy, fire and rescue prevention in the production process will produce large amounts of toxic gas dust, steam, hypoxia, toxic particles, long time exposure may cause respiratory tract, lung, heart, blood and other diseases, and even cause cancer and may.

  • Mine exploitation

    Mine exploitation
  • Fire rescue

    Fire rescue
  • metallurgy

  • Chemical production

    Chemical production

Enjoy the fresh air

Lower respiratory resistance and breathe comfortably

Enjoy the fresh air
  • Protective gas
  • Protective smoke
  • Protective dust
  • Isolated steam
  • Isolated particle
  • Isolated hypoxia

Scope of application

A. smoke, oxygen and any atmosphere contaminated by gas, smoke and steam;
B.-30 degrees C~+60 degrees C, relative humidity 0~100%, atmospheric pressure 70KPa~125KPa in the atmospheric environment.

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
Three core strengths

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus



In accordance with the back suspension system design is the principle of human body engineering structure (small size) and weight (the 8kg) improved to ensure that the ctivities of freedom but also reduce the labor burden, ensure the buffer belt respirator during the transportation and use security, users can quickly back on and off.

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus



Reliable cylinder valve and pressure reducer connection system, pressure reducer pressure relief system; pipeline adopted quick connector type connection with good sealing performance, streamlined carbon dioxide filtration system to expel the CO2 absorption more fully.




In order to reduce the temperature of the inhaled gas and reduce the physiological burden of the user, the cooling device adopts blue ice or ice cubes and adds a manual drainage system.

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
Usage method

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus


Lift the bottom of the air breathing bottle to the shoulders.


Insert your thumb into the buckle of the shoulder strap and pull it down to adjust it to the comfortable shoulder.


Insert the plastic quick socket, fasten the belt to comfort and back swing is better (not three pre adjustable belt on both sides of the first before wearing mouth).


The chin is covered with a face mask, and the upper cover is pulled upwards, and the elastic belt on both sides of the net cover is tight, so that the double cover ring of the full cover is close to the face.


Take a deep breath and open the gas valve. Breathe several times, feel comfortable, breathe properly, you can enter the operation area.


Use the uninstall method after the end of the:
1.Pull the elastic buckle off the sides of the mask, loosen the elastic, and remove the mask from the bottom up. 2.Press the manual switch with indication arrow on the air supply valve and turn off the air supply valve. 3.Remove the belt plug from the socket. 4.Relax the straps and remove the respirator from the shoulder. 5.Close the cylinder valve switch, open the bypass valve, vent the residual gas in the system pipe, and then turn off the bypass valve.

Choose me

Give you the freshness of nature

Keep away from toxic and harmful gases and prevent the risk of hypoxia

Oxygen Breathing Apparatus
technical parameter




Working pressure for oxygen bottle

Capacity for oxygen bottle

Oxygen storage



Breathing rate

Exhaling resistance

Inhaling resistance

Fixed Oxygen-supplying

Manual or automatic oxygen-supplying

Start pressure for Auto-supplying valve

Inhaling Carbon dioxide concentration

Inhaling oxygen concentration

Warning pressure for alarm

Warning time for alarm

Sound level

  • Specification
  • HYZ-2
  • HYZ-4
  • HYZ-4B
  • 120 min
  • 240 min
  • 240min
  • 20 MPa
  • 20 MPa
  • 20 MPa
  • 1.4L
  • 2.4L
  • 3.0L
  • 280L
  • 480L
  • 600L
  • 518×370×160mm
  • 560×370×160mm
  • 580x430x190 mm
  • 11kg
  • 12kg
  • 12kg
  • 30L/min
  • (0~600)Pa
  • (0~600)Pa
  • ≤700Pa
  • ≥(1.4~1.7)L/min
  • 1.6±0.2L/min
  • ≥80L/min
  • 100L/min
  • (10~245)Pa
  • (10~245)Pa
  • ≤1%
  • ≤1%
  • >21%
  • >21%
  • (4~6)MPa
  • (4~6)MPa
  • (30~60)s
  • (30~60)s
  • ≥80dB
  • 90b

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